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SB 1210/HB 6530 became a Lame Duck Casualty

MAA always knew it was going to be a heavy lift to move SB 1210 through the legislature during the end of the 2018 session and unfortunately a host of controversial bills along with intense political pressure prevented this bill from moving forward.
During last few days of the 2018 session, there were a number of controversial bills being promoted and as they began to move and gain attention negative political pressure began to grow.  This is what inevitably became the fate of SB 1210.  Even though members of the Senate Natural Resources committee, as well as a large number of legislators, understood the importance and significance of SB 1210, as it began to gain momentum it also generated controversy.  The local NIMBYism that the industry is facing all across the state made its way to the Michigan Legislature and the additional pressure that was placed on legislators as a result of SB 1210 was too much.  As a result, it was determined by the Senate Natural Resources Committee to not act on SB 1210 at this time.
So where does that leave us?  Since SB 1210 was not voted on it was not defeated however it will expire at the end of the session.  Therefore, we need to reflect on the actions and battle that ensued and determine a path for moving forward in 2019.  Rest assured that MAA continue to fight this battle so that we can ensure continued access to Michigan’s natural aggregates.