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CRA Implements Permit Revisions for Repetitive Hauling

As you may recall in May 2018, MAA published a County Road Association (CRA) bulletin that announced many counties are moving towards using Oxcart (an online permit application process).  Unfortunately, as a result of this move, standard permit language was changed to limit season-long overweight permits to only apply to loads that are up to 25 percent overweight.
Once notified of this change, MAA along with other industry partners met with CRA and expressed our concern.  It was stressed that this limitation is a significant change to current practice and will create an administrative burden due to the fact that many construction companies that haul equipment on a daily basis exceed this 25% threshold.  
As a possible solution, we requested that CRA create a new special annual permit that is applicable to businesses that have locations (i.e. brick and mortar buildings, aggregate mines, equipment yards, etc.) in areas that require frequent use of county roadways to conduct business operations.  MAA requested that if a company meets these requirements they could apply for a special annual permit that will allow for movement of goods for up to 40% over the maximum allowable gross axle loading. The special annual permit will require the applicant to designate the specific routes for which the permit will be valid.  If the applicant travels on a road not specified on the special annual permit they will be required to apply for a single move permit.
The County Road Association listened to our concerns but was not in agreement with our proposed solution.  So, over the next few months they met with internal stakeholders and developed the following permit process.  While, this solution is not exactly what MAA had requested, it is one that should help ease the administrative burden of filling out a new single move permit for each load that exceeds 25% overweight.
The newly implemented repetitive hauling permit process is as follows:
1. Industry applies for a Single Move Permit at the beginning of the season with all normal information.
2. When planning for subsequent moves, Industry submits “revisions” to the original permit with new dates and/or route information for additional trips.
3. The new permit will be a revision to the original a revised number (e.g. Permit No. 2019001 R-1).
MAA has been informed that if the county utilizes the Oxcart system, all of the information from the original permit will be electronically stored making revisions to the permit a quick and simple process.
Click here for the 2018 CRA Bulletin Regarding permit changes
Click here for the CRA Guidance on Permitting Single Move Permits and “revisions” for repetitive hauling
If you have any questions, please contact the MAA office at 517-381-1732