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MI Rocks Rock! Educational Program

Over summer, the MAA Public Relations Committee partnered with Michigan Construction to create the MI Rocks Rock! Educational program.  This program is designed to get elementary students interested in rocks and minerals.
The MI Rocks Rock! program places a focus on the following rocks and minerals that are located within the state of Michigan and designed to provide a hands-on experience.  While students are learning about uses and fun facts associated with the various rocks and minerals through the on-line modules, they have the ability to touch and feel the various minerals. 
Click here to be directed to the online information.
While the online portion of the program has been up and running, we were lacking the physical rock boxes that are a key component to the learning experience.  Therefore, this past week, the MAA Public Relations Committee organized a rock box filling event at the AIS Facility in Lansing and filled around 3,000 boxes that will be distributed to classrooms across the state. 
Unfortunately, we fell short of filling all of the requested 7,000 boxes.   Therefore, we still need to fill 4,000 boxes and deliver to classrooms by the end of the year.
Stay tuned for more details regarding the upcoming box filling event as we will need all hands-on deck to finish the requested orders.
Also, if you would like to deliver boxes to schools in your area please contact the MAA Office as over 300 schools have requested boxes this year.