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MI Rocks Rock! Educational Program – Call for Help to Distribute to Classrooms

Over the past few months the MAA Public Relations Committee has been busy filling 7,000 rock boxes as part of the MAA MI Rocks Rock! Educational program.  A program that is designed to get elementary students interested in rocks and minerals.
Now that the boxes are filled we need help in distributing them.  While thousands have been distributed, we are in need of help to deliver the remaining boxes to schools that have expressed a desire to devote time to teach their students about our industry. 
Click here for a list of schools that have requested boxes for which still need to be delivered.
If you are able to help with the distribution of the boxes please contact Juanita Patson, - 517-381-1732) at the MAA office. 
We are asking for volunteers to only deliver the boxes but if you would like to go the extra mile and present to classrooms in your area, there is a session at the 2020 MAA Annual Conference that will help you develop methods to interact with both the school and students.  This is a great way to connect with your communities and to promote the mining industry.
As a reminder, the MI Rocks Rock! program places a focus on the following rocks and minerals that are located within the state of Michigan and designed to provide a hands-on experience.  While students are learning about uses and fun facts associated with the various rocks and minerals through the on-line modules, they have the ability to touch and feel the various minerals.

Click here for more information that will be discussed in the classrooms once the boxes are delivered to the schools.