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MDOT is Updating Prequalified Aggregate Supplier List – Industry Action Required!!!


MDOT is currently in the process of digitizing their prequalified aggregate files and creating a more streamlined approval process.   During this update, they have noticed several discrepancies between various files (i.e. region office, Lansing office, etc).  Due to these differences, MDOT will be performing a comprehensive information/document review.

Therefore, suppliers that are currently listed as a MDOT Prequalified Aggregate Supplier List should be receiving a form to fill out for each of their sources. 

Click here to view the form.

This form will be sent via email from the MDOT Region contact stating the following:

You have been identified as a supplier on the MDOT Prequalified Aggregate Supplier Online list, please provide information and documentation as requested on the attached sheet to both your Region Materials Contact and 8885 Ricks Rd, Lansing, MI 48917.  Please make the subject line 2020 Prequalification Continuance or send the mail Attn: 2020 Prequalification Continuance.  Failure to respond in entirety within 30 days will remove Prequalification status from this supplier. Please note that the attached sheet asks you to include a current QCP, delivery ticket, the date of your last submitted weekly summary and to call out each specified material class individually. All MDOT materials is not a valid answer for MDOT Specification Aggregate Classifications Prequalified.

As stated in the above text, once filled out the form will need to be sent to your MDOT region contact with a copy of the email sent to with the subject “MDOT 2020 Prequalification Continuance” for processing priority. 

If you are an MDOT Prequalified Aggregate Supplier and do not have a contact email on file with the MDOT region, they will be sending out paper requests to the last physical address on file.  

If you do not receive a form by the February 7, 2020 please contact your MDOT region contact or send an email to  to ensure you remain on the MDOT Prequalified Aggregate Supplier list.