Protecting and Promoting Your Interests

Support the MAA PAC


It’s common knowledge that there is more money being spent in politics today than ever before.

With so much “big money” in today’s political theatre, how can individuals still have a voice in the political process?

One of the best ways to make sure your voice is heard is to contribute to a political action committee, or PAC. A PAC is a way for likeminded individuals to pool their contributions and distribute them to worthy candidates who champion their ideals.

As highlighted in the MAA Mission and Vision Statements, the “Michigan Aggregates Association is the recognized advocate of the aggregate industry” and its “vision is to promote favorable public policies that foster growth and innovation for the mining of materials used by diverse industries.”

The stronger MAA PAC; the louder your voice. It allows us to educate lawmakers on our various aggregate mining and production issues and to share our ideas on how best to address these challenges and issues such as; transportation funding, local zoning and planning issues, wetlands management, inland lakes and streams, MSHA issues, etc.  It also enables us to become a vital source of information for lawmakers and their top aids on issues related to the aggregate industry.

Therefore, your support of the MAA PAC is a show of support for the aggregate industry on all political fronts. It gives the Michigan Aggregates Association the necessary resources to advocate for our members that serve both in the state of Michigan and at the federal level. It is critical that we all work together to create a strong and vibrant future for the aggregate industry. 

Click here to download the MAA PAC Contribution Form