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MI Rocks Rock! Educational Program – Be a Rock Box Sponsor Today!

Over the past year, the MAA Public Relations Committee has been busy updating and relaunching the ever popular MAA MIRockRock! Educational Program.
During the 2019-2020 school year, with the financial help of the MAA Foundation, the MAA Public Relations Committee updated the layout and format of the MIRocksRock! Program, filled 7,000 rock boxes and delivered them to various elementary and middle schools located across the state of Michigan.
As we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, more boxes are needed.
You can help promote this program by becoming a box sponsor today!
All sponsors will have their logo displayed on a take home mineral identification card and listed with their website address link on the MIRocksRock! Webpage.  Logos will be displayed in various sizes according to your sponsorship level.
Various sponsorship levels are as follows:
Gold Sponsor - $1,000
Silver Sponsor - $500
Bronze Sponsor - $250
Note: Each box costs approximately $3.50/each to assemble
To make a donation to the “MAA Foundation” and support this program, please contact Juanita Hudgens at the MAA office at or (517) 381-1732.
As a reminder, the MI Rocks Rock! program places a focus on the following rocks and minerals that are located within the state of Michigan and designed to provide a hands-on experience.  While students are learning about uses and fun facts associated with the various rocks and minerals through the on-line modules, they have the ability to touch and feel the various minerals. 
Click here for classroom instructional information about the boxes.