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HB 5979 introduced by Representative Cole


This week, Cole, R-District 105, introduced HB 5979 in the Michigan House of Representatives.  This legislation is a complement to Senate Bill 431 that was introduced by Senator Hollier, D-Detroit last fall. 

The legislation ensures that Michigan’s infrastructure builders can fully access our naturally abundant supply of construction-grade aggregates through increased sand and gravel mining closer to major construction zones. Aggregates are the building blocks of the concrete and asphalt needed to rebuild our state’s roads, bridges, sewers and other infrastructure. 

The Michigan Aggregates Association appreciates the strong leadership from Representative Cole and Senator Hollier and encourages all members to contact their state senator and representative asking for them to support HB 5979 and SB 431.

Click here to view a copy of HB 5979

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Needham at (517) 381-1732.