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Notice - MSHA Fall Protection Reminder

MAA was recently made aware of a fatality that occurred at a mine site that was a result of a truck driver that was wearing a fall protection harness but did not tie off.  MSHA is working on providing a statement about this incident and will stress that mine operators are responsible for all operations that occur on the mine site including truck drivers that need to tarp or access their loads. 

During a conversation with MSHA, MAA was asked to remind the industry that if there is a need for a truck driver to gain access to tanks or to trap their load, they must have adequate tie off locations available.  The need to tie off is required anytime they are in an elevated situation for which a fall could occur but as the winter and inclement weather moves in this fall it is imperative to ensure all proper safety measures are followed.

Also, if the mine has a policy that requires truck drivers to stay in their trucks while on the site, the mine operator should ensure that this requirement is followed.

As a reminder, mine operators might want to re-evaluate their site-specific hazard awareness training programs to make sure they clearly identify mine hazards. Part 46.11 or Part 48.11

MSHA is planning on issuing a bulletin on this topic in the near future.