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Geological Mapping National Economic Assessment

The Michigan Geological Survey in cooperation with other state geological surveys are requesting participation in a national survey relating to geologic mapping.

This assessment is the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted for the discipline of geology. It comes at a time when (1) significant improvements to infrastructure have long been touted at the Federal, State, and local levels, and now more than ever are required for economic recovery, (2) water supplies and associated human livelihood are strongly linked, and (3) understanding geologic hazards (flooding, sinkholes, etc.) are increasingly important due to population growth and existing/expanding infrastructure.

Michigan’s geology is the “host” of considerable infrastructure development, as well as insight into natural resource and geologic hazard evaluations. However, the ease, efficiency, and costs at which these issues can be addressed, and longer-termed resource sustainability, are directly linked to their natural setting. This applies to {1) construction or improvement of new highways, bridges, sidewalks, and foundations, including all excavation projects, (2) water resource development, (3) distribution systems for water and sewer, (4) environmental protection, (5) oil and gas pipelines, (6) energy development, and (7) improvements to recreational areas.  In all cases, an understanding of the interaction of human activity with both the land surface and the subsurface is essential to minimize potential impacts of natural hazards and maximize resource potential, environmental protection, and associated economic benefits, all of which directly affect our counties, cities, and towns.

The Michigan Geologic Survey is asking for MAA’s assistance in distributing the online questionnaire that can be accessed by clicking here.

This questionnaire focuses on the use/potential use of geological maps and associated reports, and their value.

An example of past statewide examples of cost and benefit studies of geological mapping can be found at the following locations:

Nevada -

Kentucky -

However, this national survey will be more comprehensive than these previous reports.

Reponses to the survey are requested no later than January 2, 2021