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MSHA Fatality Report

MINE FATALITY – On November 23, 2020, a miner was electrocuted while troubleshooting a disconnect box for the classifier drive motor. The victim had the electrical disconnect box open and the main power supply was not deenergized.

Best Practices:

Ensure electrical circuit components are properly designed
and installed by qualified electrical personnel.

Ensure electrical troubleshooting and work are performed by people with proper electrical qualifications. Positively identify the circuit on which work will be conducted.

Before performing electrical work, locate the visual disconnect away from an enclosure and open it, lock it, and tag it, to ensure all electrical components in the enclosure are de-energized. Verify by testing for voltage using properly rated test equipment.

Wear properly rated and well maintained personal protective equipment, including arc flash protection such as a hood, gloves, shirt and pants.

Train miners on safe work practices for electrical equipment and circuits.

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