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MSHA Annual Refresher Training Options

Conducting your annual MSHA Part 46 Refresher Training can occur in a variety of ways.  It may take place in-person or on-line, with a live instructor or with a prerecorded presentation, over the course of one (8 hour) day or over the course of a year.  Regardless of which method you chose to utilize for your training please remember that it must be spelled out in your “Training Plan”.
While it has been common practice to conduct the annual refresher classes at one location on one day, there are a number of companies that have made the decision to modify their training plan so that it takes place over the course of the year by incorporating various topics such as their weekly toolbox talks.
If you haven’t reviewed your Training Plan lately now would be a great time.  If you need to modify your plan to incorporate new training methods, please review the steps below.  The example provided places a focus around modifying your annual refresher training session to occur over the course of a year.  However, if you prefer to keep your training at once a year then please make sure that it is accurately reflected in your Training Plan.  Also, depending on the make-up of your crews, there may be a need to incorporate both year-round as well as once a year training sessions.
  1.  Review your current training plan and modify to reflect how you will be conducting training throughout the year. 
  2. The training plan must address what items will be included in the program and how the training will be conducted.  (i.e., 30-minute toolbox talks on the various topics, machine guarding, first aid, fall protection, etc.)  Should have a disclaimer for Online, Zoom type, Computer based training etc.
  3. The plan should address estimated hours per subject, the object of the training, teaching method, course material, and how they will be evaluated.  The training record/certificate should list subject, subject length, date of training, competent person, location of training and initials of miner.
  4. Please note that in addition to the toolbox talks miners must also be trained on “changes to the mine”.
  5. If you have a hearing conservation plan this may need to occur at a different time and location.
  6. If you are modifying a Part 48 Training Plan, submit the modified plan to the MSHA district office for review and approval.  If you are modifying a Part 46 Training Plan, there is no need to submit to MSHA for approval.
  7. The modified training plan must be posted 2 weeks prior to any change being implemented.  Staff must be able to view the posted plan during this time frame.
  8. If you are modifying a safety training refresher to year-round training, please note that depending on how you set up the plan it could take one year to implement so make sure that your training requirements are up to date for the current year
  9. Only the refresher training can take place over an extended time frame.  It is still a requirement that ALL new miners be trained prior to working in a mine. 
Click here to view a sample of a Training Plan utilizing year-round training.
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If you have any questions about modifying your training plan or any other training issues, please contact Brett Chiccarello – MSHA Educational Field Services at (484)-366-4578 or
If you have any other question, please contact the MAA office at (517) 381-1732