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Updated MAA Environmental and Community Relations Award Applications

In an effort to provide better clarification into the various scoring and judging criteria, the MAA Environmental along with the MAA Public Relations committees have revised and updated both of the MAA Environmental Award and MAA Community Relations Award applications. 
Please note that each application includes examples of activities and/or programs that companies can highlight or implement in order to be considered for an award.  Also, each application now provides for various categories of awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze).  Scoring will not be based on size or number of company locations but on their level of effort to ensure the protection and preservation of the environment or the level of community involvement depicted by the company. 
Click here to view the various 2022 award applications.  These are being provided so that companies have a heads-up as to the various criteria that each award will be scored and judged.
MAA Environmental Award application
MAA Community Relations Award application
Please note that for both applications, the submission of pictures that demonstrate your level of effort are encouraged.
If you have any questions, please contact the MAA office at (517) 381-1732