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MAA Yearlong Sponsor Spotlight - GOLD SPONSOR - GZA


Every day, GZA’s experts build on a legacy of trust through their personal commitment to excellence. 
GZA was founded on the values of integrity, professionalism, and loyalty. Since then, the company has grown from a small consulting partnership to a major multi-disciplinary, employee-owned firm that focuses on environmental, geotechnical, ecological, water, and construction management services. With a staff of more than 700 people in 30 offices in the New England, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions of the United States, we have completed over 100,000 projects for a wide array of public and private clients for the past 50 years and counting. 
We believe our clients trust our people because of their honesty and commitment to excellence. Clients know - expect - that we will deliver expert solutions that help them succeed regardless of the size or complexity of their challenges. And they can rely on GZA to help reduce their project risks and deliver the best possible results and value through comprehensive analysis of each project’s entire lifecycle.  It is why we are known for excellence, built on trust. 
GZA has provided, for both surface unconsolidated and underground mines, cost-effective, environmentally protective and regulatory-compliant permit applications, design plans and specifications, as well as operation and maintenance procedures for new and/or expanded mine operations. Furthermore, we have been heavily involved with environmental investigations and remediation of mine-related contamination.
Our engineers are experienced in a wide range of engineering services associated with mining-related activities, including: