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Support the Michigan National Guard!!!

Two Michigan Senators, Senator Tom Barrett (R – 24th district) and Senator Adam Hollier (D – 2nd district), are working together to raise funds to distribute food for our Michigan National Guard Soldiers who have been sent to Washington DC. 
Multiple news outlets have exposed the unacceptable and unsafe meals that the troops have been provided.  Many soldiers have reported raw and undercooked meals and meals that have been left out for hours before they are served.  At least 50 soldiers have been treated for food poisoning symptoms. 
Michigan has 1,000 soldiers on assignment in Washington DC.  The goal is to raise enough funds so that each soldier will receive a $100 gift card.
To show you support, please send your donations to:
Renew Michigan Fund
201 Townsend Street, Suite 900
Lansing, MI 48933
Renew Michigan Fund is a 501 (c)(4). Click here to view the Renew Michigan Fund W-9.