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Visually Inspect Material that will be recycled

This is a reminder to monitor the material being delivered to your recycle yards to ensure that it does not contain materials contaminated with asbestos, or comes from demolition sites, such as ordered demolitions, where asbestos is not removed before the building is demolished. 
The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) informed MAA that a concrete recycling facility recently processed concrete blocks coated with a waterproofing material containing asbestos that came from a single-family dwelling.
With the increased amount of blight demolition grants and home remodeling projects, concrete recyclers must ensure any material that is delivered to your facility does not contain these contaminated materials.
For additional information about asbestos and crushing operations, take a look at this article about how EGLE staff helps to assure only asbestos-free material is processed at crushing operations.