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Michigan Tech Offers New Miner On-Line Class Oct. 6-8, 2021

Michigan Tech plans to hold an on-line new miner class Wednesday - Friday October 6-8, 2021 starting 8 am each day. We will issue part 46 and/or 48b certificates as well as first aid cards to those who attend. People who attend will need a laptop or tablet with a webcam. Phones are not acceptable. The per person cost to attend will be $45/day or $135 for the 3-day class.

To register, please email the full name and email address of each trainee to along with the billing address . If more than 1 person will be using a single laptop or tablet, it will be necessary to arrange seating so our ZOOM trainer can make eye contact with everyone in the class.

Setting up for the class is fairly easy and we have a couple of tablets we can lend to companies who don't have tablets or laptops. If you need additional help in setting up for the class, contact Matt Portfleet (906-231-7127) or Marisa Roerig (616-634-6070).