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Emerge Skilled - New Workforce Solution

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has recently developed a comprehensive, easy-to-use online platform to connect employers with students who attend high schools, including Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, trade schools, community colleges, certificate programs, and bootcamps. Match skills with your needs and opportunities.  This platform is open to all business whether a member of the Michigan Chamber or not.
Click here to learn more about this program.  Make sure to check out the video that is located at the bottom of the website.
MAA has been informed that All MICHIGAN businesses will have a complimentary subscription through 2022. 
Starting in January 2023, the platform will move to a ‘free-mium’ model, where the base technology will remain free, but if a company wanted to add more features (like that within a LinkedIn, ie: Sales Navigator, etc.), they will pay for what features they want and find value in adding.
Please contact the MAA office if you have any questions.