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MAA Member Spotlight - Great Lakes Aggregates

MAA would like to congratulate Great Lakes Aggregates, including Rock Recyclers and Recycled Aggregates, on being awarded an MAA Environmental Award!
These companies have implemented environmental training programs for all employees and implement best management practices for environmental concerns such as water/energy use reduction, dust management, stormwater management, secondary containment for polluting materials, and waste generation.
Additionally, Great Lakes Aggregates - Sylvania Minerals, LLC location has become a nesting/breeding habitat for Osprey. This has been vital in the increased population of Osprey in the area. Check out the awesome photo below of an Osprey mid-flight!
Furthermore, 20 nesting boxes have been placed around the southern end of the property, which attract native species and song birds, but also help improve their population.
Sylvania Materials has also partnered with a local beekeeper, King Honey Farms to place multiple hives on the quarry property. The honey produced will be donated to the local community.
Congratulations to Great Lakes Aggregates, Rock Recyclers, and Recycled Aggregates on earning an MAA Environmental Award!