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MAA Presents 2022 Legislator of the Year Awards

The Michigan Aggregates Association would like to congratulate our 2022 Legislators of the Year.
The recipients are the bi-partisan combination of Senator Jim Ananich(D-Flint) and Senator Tom Barrett (R-Charlotte).
Our sincere appreciation goes out to Sen. Ananich and Sen. Barrett because, through their efforts, we made great progress in advancing much needed supply chain reforms, setting the table for success in 2023.
Senator Ananich sponsored a series of bills aimed at addressing supply chain roadblocks that created a lack of necessary road building materials, which means higher project costs for taxpayers. He also testified in support of the legislation in the House Committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance.
Senator Barrett, Chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, was supportive of these legislative reforms and allowed for significant input from all stakeholders before the bills were successfully voted out of his committee earlier this year.
It remains vital for 2023 that we have access to the necessary raw materials to repair and rebuild roads and infrastructure in Michigan.
We can cut taxpayer costs, reduce emissions created by long trucking haul routes, and fix our broken supply chain by ensuring access to raw materials available in Michigan but blocked by permitting fights.
We honor Senators Barrett and Ananich for all of their efforts to help get Michigan’s roads fixed. Their hard work, willingness to listen to all sides and embrace bi-partisanship moved this issue further down the road.
Congratulations — and thank you — to MAA’s 2022 Legislators of the Year, Jim Ananich and Tom Barrett!
We wish them best of luck in their next endeavors and hope to see them again involved with the creation of sound public policy in the future.