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Workforce Development Solution - EmergeSkilled

As many of you are aware the EmergeSkilled platform was presented during last year’s MAA Winter Conference.  This comprehensive, easy-to-use online platform was developed by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to connect employers with students who attend high schools, including Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, trade schools, community colleges, certificate programs, and bootcamps to match skills with your needs and opportunities.  This platform is open to all business whether a member of the Michigan Chamber or not.
Over the past year, over 1,000 students have signed up to the portal in search of an entry level job with more to go online in the very near future.
Make sure that your company is signed up with EmergeSkilled so that you can connect with the thousands of job seekers that are waiting to be found.
Click here to learn more about this program. 
Please contact the MAA office if you have any questions.