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MAA to Host $afepro Inc. Training on Oct 15-16, 2024

Times:  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each class day.
Location:  Michigan CAT – Lansing (7650 Millett Highway, Lansing, MI 48917)
Cost: $450 - Includes: Breakfast snacks, coffee, lunch, refreshments
Purpose and Goals of this Course
The $afepro seminar will give you the information and knowledge to not only comply with MSHA law but to combat citations with which you do not agree. The two-day seminar covers the 1977 Mine Health and Safety Act as amended by the 2006 Miner’s Act and 30 CFR standards, details about company responsibilities under the law along with operator entitlements and inspector’s responsibilities pertaining to the law. You will review what constitutes a S&S citation and 104d1 citation and given a law manual which includes the two parts of the law and MSHA program policies.  During the course you will review several actual citations that have been issued over the years and how to defend using the law manual. The course will cover part 46 training requirements and part 50 reporting requirements. By the end you will be able to understand the two parts of the law that govern the mining industry and use the law manual to prevail against unnecessary enforcement.  
Class Size
 Limited to 25 students (with a minimum of 20 students)
Oct 15, 2024
US Responsibilities for Law
Parts of the Law
Inspector Responsibilities
103(F) Operator Responsibilities
The Act Section 104 (a)/104 (d)(1)
S&S Case Law
Precedence of Federal Law
“Porta-Potty” Citation
Oct 16, 2024
Part 46
Part 46 Task Training 104(d)
Fair Notice
Guards PP / Guards OTT
Advance Notice
Housekeeping Citation
Crane Disconnect Citation
What to say to the Inspector
Post Inspection Conference
30CFR Part 50

To sign up for this great training event please contact Kendra Miriani at the MAA Office at 517-381-1732 or